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the contact
Use the contact form below to make contact and we’ll schedule a time to meet. Before the first meeting, we like the client to have a general idea of what type of website you want. More than likely, you’ve seen a website or two and you think, wow! I want that, or maybe you’ve seen features of a couple different ones you like. Bring those ideas to the meeting!
the meet
We’ll have coffee or wine, either virtually or in person, and go over colors and general layouts. Next, is the patiently waiting on your part. We want to give you what you want, so that means research. Once the research is finished, we'll create a mockup of your site, you approve, or not, we tweak, and the design is put into production, ideally without any downtime for your site.
the cost
Because each site is as unique as its owner, we charge an hourly rate. After the initial meeting, we'll give you an estimate based on what you want, normally with several different options. Our fee is strictly based on the work we do. Any theme, plugin, hosting, security features, domain purchase, etc. are extra and we will give you a full cost breakdown before we begin.
the handover
Last, is the handover, which again, is as individual as the owner. We have clients who want nothing to do with maintaining their site, those in the middle, and those who want full control after. If you decide you want either partial control, or full, we can train in person or by screen sharing. Whatever the situation, we’ll work together to find the right fit for you!

Featured Website Designs

Life, Books, Loves
Life, Books, Loves had a set of challenges that brought us to the top of our design game! Melissa wanted a completely new look from her old website, yet she wanted to keep the look simple. We discovered a new plugin which we think displays the blog posts beautifully, really highlighting the fantastic covers, and images featured in the posts. The  The best part of the website was that it combined Michelle's love of romance books with her other love of website design! Thanks for the opportunity to create this space for you, Melissa! Solutions Provided intuitive layout increased traffic multiple design options for contributors responsive, mobile friendly layout robust social media plugins
MS Rheinlander Consulting
Melissa's consulting website was one of the more challenging, even though it looks simple! This page is actually part of her Life, Books, Loves website, yet it looks like its own website! It has its own menu and the look is different than LBL. This one really challenged Michelle's coding ability, but she did it! Accent Color Solutions Provided individual design from master website separate menu testimonials displayed    
LaRose Landscape and Irrigation
This website is the one most near and dear to our web developer, Michelle's heart as it's is her husband's company! She wanted to create a website for Eric that displayed his projects and she was thrilled to have the skills to give them the notice they deserve. We created a portfolio which is updated with new jobs periodically, as well as a testimonial section. With this website, we incorporated SEO and marketing strategies for the most amount of hits. We used more natural hues as the base for this website. Solutions Provided: comprehensive portfolio highlighting outstanding landscape jobs easy to use customer contact increased web presence through search engine optimization
Better Together
This was one of the quickest websites we've done. The Better Together team messaged us around 8:30 one evening and explained they needed a website featuring all three candidates up in as short a time as possible. We had the site up and running by 10 the next morning. Again, we had the one image to work with and drew the color scheme from there. We split the website into thirds to highlight each candidate and not make them stand out individually. It also makes a bold statement with its full screen presence. Solutions Provided: Quick turnaround time single page website fully functioning links to campaigns Our graphic design team also created the logos and most of the signs for two of the candidates. Below are examples of their logos.
Austin RWA
Austin RWA (Romance Writers of America) was one of the first websites Michelle created on WordPress. As with any new endeavor, there was a steep learning curve, and there are things we wish we'd done differently! Overall, it's a great functional site. ARWA had some needs that weren't being met with their old site, such as an author page listing the various social media links for all their authors. Michelle mimicked the table layout throughout the site to give it consistency. The iconic Austin mural image became the focal point and color matching scheme for the entire website. Solutions Provided individual listing of authors restricted pages for ARWA members easy to use update tools social media feeds
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